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Santa's Coming!

That’s right! Santa is coming to Chestnut Ridge! 

He will do his best to visit your area as listed below! Please remember, our FIRST PRIORITY is responding to Emergency Incidents, but we will try to follow this schedule as best as we can! We will start at 6:00 pm and will stop at 9:00 pm. Any streets that we missed will be highlighted in Yellow and we will attempt to make them up the following night.

*NOTE: We do not drive down any streets listed below in Italics due to the size of our vehicles. Please come to the end of your street to see Santa!

Monday, December 19th


Firebox Areas:

50-1, 50-11, 50-12, 50-13, 50-14, 14-1, 17-1


Street Names:

Applecroft Ln

Ashgrown Way

Autumn Winds Ct

Beaverbrook Ln

Belfair Ln

Berans Rd (Off of Windflower)

Billy Barton Cir

Boxer Hill Rd

Breeds Rd

Briarwood Farm Ct

Bridlepath Rd

Broadmeade Ct

Broadway Rd (Between Berans Rd and Falls Rd)

Brooklandwood Rd

Brookstone Ct

Bullock Circle

Captain Kettle Rd

Caves Rd (Between Pinewood Farm Ct and Greenspring Ave)

Chestnut Ridge Dr

Chilhowie Ct

Chippendale Rd

Cleghorn Rd

Coachford Ct

Cormac Ct

Cross Haven Rd

David Luther Ct

Deep Run Ct

Deer Creek Ct

Dellwood Ct

Dennisford Ct

Dunlavin Ct

Falling Brook Ct

Falling Leaf Ct

Falling Water Ct

Falls Rd (Between Shawan Rd and Seminary Ave)

Fallscroft Way

Fallswood Terrace

Farm Pond Ct

Fawn Ridge Ct

Firwood Ct

Forewood Ct

Fox Tail Ln

Fox Trail Ct

Gent Rd

Greenspring Ave (Between Dover and Caves)

Greenway Rd

Happy Hallow Rd

Harmony Woods Rd

Heather Hill Ln

Heil Manor Dr

Hickory Hill Rd

Hickory Meadow Rd

Hidden Glen Drive

Highgrove Ct

Hillsyde Ct

Hollyford Rd

Ivey Trace Ct

Ivy Brook Farm Ct

Ivy Hill Rd

Ivy Reach Ct

Joel Ct

Jonathans Ct

Justa Ln

Katesford Rd

Knox Ave (Between Quail Cross Ct and Falls Rd)

Labrador Ln

Laurelford Ct

Malcolm Dr

Mansel Dr

Meylston Dr

Michaelsford Rd

Monaghan Ct

Musgrove Dr

Norfolk Ct

Old Lyme Rd

Old Manor Ct

Oregon Gate Ct

Owen Farm Ct

Padonia Rd (Between Falls and Cleghorn Rd)

Painters Ln

Pendleton Ct

Pine Pep Rd

Pine Spring Ln

Pinewood Farm Ct

Quail Covey Ct

Quail Cross Ct

Ridge Farm Ct

Ridge Rd

Ridge Valley Dr

Ridgemont Rd

Rises Ct

Rolling Acres Way

Running Brook Ct

Saters Ln

Scotts Knoll Ct

Shadow Ct

Shady Woods Ct

Shaneybrook Cir

Shawan Valley Ln

Sommerset Pl

Springhill Farm Ct

St. Davids Ln

Stanson Ct

Talisman Rd

Treadwell Ct

Tremblant Ct

Valley Glen Ct

Westwicke Ln

Windflower Ct

Woodward Ln

Wyndam Ct

Tuesday, December 20th


Firebox Areas:

50-2, 50-3, 50-4, 50-7, 50-8, 50-10, 50-17

Street Names:

Alterwood Ln
Aston Ct
Avers Ct
Avery Hill Dr
Barnstable Ct
Barto Ln
Baublitz Rd
Beecham Ct
Belmont Ridge Rd
Blendon Rd
Breeds Rd
Carolyn Ct
Caves Spring Rd
Chellis Ct
Chestnut Woods Ct
Crestknoll Rd
Deer Meadow Ct
Dorset Hill Ct
Dover Rd (Between Greenspring Av and Tufton Av)
Fellowship Ct
Forest Bluff Ct
Fountainhead Ct
Foxcreek Ct
Garrison Forest Rd (Between Greenspring Ave and Nancy Ellen Way)
Geist Rd
Greenspring Ave (Between Baublitz Rd and Dover Rd)
Hawick Ct
Heneson Garth
Highpasture Ct
Holtz Ln
Hounds Hollow Ct
Houndstooth Ct
Hunt Meadow Ct
Hunters Glen
Hunters Horn Ct
Huntersworth Ct
Huntfield Ct
Hunting Tweed Dr (Both Sides)
Huntmaster Way
Huntsworth Ln

Jay Trump Rd
John Carroll Rd
King Canute Ct
Knollcrest Rd
Knox Ave (Between Dover Rd and Quail Cross Ct)
Long Ridge Rd
Mantua Mill Rd
Minor Jones Dr
Missi Ct
Nancy Elled Way
Nancy Lee Ct
Old Greenspring Ave
Old Walnut Ave
Park Heights Ave (Between Garrison Forest and Caves Rd)
Raintree Ct
Red Tree Ln
Susanne Ct
Trillium Ct
Tufton Ave (Between Dover Rd and Mantua Mill Rd)
Tufton Ridge Rd
Tufton Springs Ln
Tufton Woods Ct
Valley Pines Dr
Valleys Crest Ct
Walnut Ave
Waterspout Ct

Wesner Ct
Woodsyde Ct
Woodsyde Pl
Worthington Rd
Worthington Rd (Between Tufton Ave and Garrison Forest Rd)
Worthington Ridge Rd

Thurs., December 23rd/ Fri., December 24th

Rain/Snow day. Make-up day for anything that was missed.

Wednesday, December 21st


Firebox Areas:

50-5, 50-6, 50-15, 50-16, 14-4, 19-5, 19-13


Street Names:

Baronet Rd

Barstad Ct

Barthel Ct

Barthel Rd

Belfield Rd

Berans Rd (Off of Broadway Rd)

Bridlewood Ct

Broadridge Ln

Broadway Rd (Between Greenspring Ave and Berans Rd)

Bucksway Rd

Burnwood Ct

Candlestick Dr

Caves Farm Rd

Caves Forest Rd

Caves Rd

Cavesdale Rd

Caveswood Ln

Celadon Rd

Chartwell Ct

Clairmore Rd

Cliff Dweller Ct

Cliffside Ct

Cool Spring Ct

Dipping Pond Ct

Five Springs Rd

Garrison Forest Rd (Between St. Thomas Ln and Caves Rd)

Greenspring Ave (Between Caves Rd and Greenspring Valley Rd)

Greenspring Valley Rd (Between Stevenson Ln and Greenspring Ave)

Grenadier Ct

Hidden Trail Dr

Highview Dr

Honey Springs Ct

Hudson Rd

Kelley Ave

Kenmont Ct

Lhasa Ln

Lindemann Ln

Linson Rd

Logan Rd

Marbrook Rd

Melinda Dr

Melisa Ct

Millridge Rd

Park Heights Ave (Between Caves Rd and Greenspring Valley Rd)

Patmor Rd

Rainbow Ct

Ridgeway Ave

Roland Brook Ct

Shaded Brook Dr

Shaded Glen Ct

Spring Forest Ct

Sprinkel Ln

Stream Ct

Stream Valley Garth

Sugarvale Way

Susan Ct

Valley Heights Dr

Valley Hi Ct

Velvet Ridge Dr

Velvet Valley Ct

Velvet Valley Way

Verdant Ct

Verdant Rd

Wally Ct

Westspring Way

Wooded Glen Ct

Woodland Ct

Woodland Dr

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