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Insurance Information

Insurance Services Office Fire Protection Rating

The Insurance Services Office (ISO), a leading source of information about risk, assigns Baltimore County and other jurisdictions a fire protection rating. The ISO supplies date to a variety of users, including the insurance, finance, real estate, human resources and health services industries.

Insurance companies – not ISO – set premiums for policyholders, but most insurance companies rely on ISO’s classification system to rate risk.

The Rating System
The ISO uses a 1 to 10 rating system, with 1 the highest rating. The fire protection rating is based on a number of factors, including number and location of hydrants, number and location of fire stations and access to water sources in rural areas beyond the metropolitan water system.

Baltimore County’s urban, developed areas — most of which lie within the metropolitan water system — are rated a 3. The rural areas — most of which lie beyond the metropolitan water system — are rated a 6.

In 2006, the ISO significantly upgraded the rating in the rural areas from a 9 to a 6, a reflection of a longstanding, successful effort by career and volunteer fire companies to develop a rural water resource strategy involving identification of rural water sources and installation of dry hydrants and underground tanks.

CHESTNUT RIDGE (DISTRICT 50) is rated a 6 on the scale by ISO.

The following Engines usually respond on the first alarm to our first due district: Engine 501(1040 gal.),Engine-Tanker 503(3000 gal.), Engine 19(1000 gal.), Engine 312(500 gal.), Engine 301(500 gal.), Engine 401(1000 gal.), Engine 14 (1000 gal.), Engine 391 (1000 gal.), and Engine 17 (1000).

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