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Engine 501

Engine 501 is our first-line engine and is a 2019 Pierce Velocity custom pumper that carries 1000 gallons of water, 30 gallons of Class A foam and is equipped with a 1500GPM Hale Pump and Husky12 Compressed Air Foam System(C.A.F.S.). In addition, 501 carries an on-board Holmatro hydraulic pump and an assortment of Rescue Tools, as well as vehicle stabilization equipment that is used for vehicle crashes.


Utility 502

Utility 502 is a 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe that functions as a Medical Support Unit. It carries Advanced Life Support equipment and medications to perform life-saving interventions in the event that our medic unit is on another incident or if one of our Paramedics is upgrading a neighboring Basic Life Support transport unit.


Engine 503

Engine-Tanker 503 is a 2016 Pierce Velocity custom pumper. Since we are located in a rural/suburban area with no municipal water supply, 503 carries 3000 gallons of water and has a 1750GPM Hale pump.  503 also carries a 3500 gallon “folding-tank” which opens up similar to a small above ground swimming pool acting as a dynamic water supply.


Tanker Support 504

Tanker Support Unit 504 is a 2012 KME Custom Pumper on a Four-Wheel-Drive International chassis. 504 carries 330 Gallons water and has a 1250 GPM Front-Mounted pump. The primary function of 504 is to supply tankers with water. It does this by driving up to a stream, pond, or even a swimming pool and drafting water to fill tankers. 504 carries 1500ft of 5" supply line which allows it to go far off of the road to get to a water source. It also carries two attack lines and one blitz line thus acting as a mini-pumper that can access homes that the engines cannot.


Medic 505

Medic 505 is a 2017 Lifeline custom transport unit on a Freightliner M2 chassis. It is equipped with a LifePak 15, a Stryker Power Stretcher, and lift system which can carry a patient up to 750 pounds. 505 carries Advanced Life Support equipment and medications to perform life-saving interventions. The unit is also equipped with HID scene lights to give our personnel increased visibility and even comes outfitted with 360-degree cameras. A ToughBook laptop is also installed which gives our health care providers instant access to the Baltimore County Dispatch Center as well as a integrated GPS and new digital maps.


Brush 506

Brush 506 is a 1996 Ford F-350 that is designed to fight woods/brush fires. It carries 150 gallons of water with a pump and booster reel and is able to travel over rough terrain reaching the fire where other units would simply not reach.


Utility 507

Utility 507 is a Ford F-350 that has been modified to carry additional medical and rescue equipment. 507 is called to all vehicle accidents, medical incidents, and supports fire ground operations by transporting additional personnel.


S.O.R.T. 50

SORT 50 is our Special Operations Response Team vehicle. It is a converted 2000 International Pepsi Truck, that was created with one thing in mind: mass casualty/injury. The truck comes equipped to handle up to 240 walking wounded or up to 125 critical patients. Features include spinal immobilization equipment, mass casualty deployment kits, command post accountability equipment, large quantities of trauma equipment as well as other necessities for dealing with large volumes of patients. In addition, it carries equipment that assisted with logistics such as a 10KW generator, power distribution, and tripod lighting, hard hats, rescue ropes, and drinking water. It is the only unit in our jurisdiction outfitted with tactical response equipment for "Active Threat" Incidents.


ATV 50

ATV 50 is a 2009 6X6 Polaris Ranger ATV. It carries a skid tank, which holds 75 gallons of water, a booster reel and pump, and class “A” forestry foam. It can be used for firefighting as well as patient transport and is equipped with a winch, GPS, and a Stokes Basket. This piece is excellent for access into hard to reach and limited access areas such as wooded areas and hiking trails. ATV 50 is also used during large events such as the Green Valley Turkey Trot to patrol and assist any injured participants.


Retired Brush 502

Brush 502 is a 1953 Dodge M-37 Power Wagon. It carries 200+ gallons of water and has a 300 GPM Hale pump as well as a booster reel. It was one of the oldest active pieces of fire apparatus in Baltimore County, MD built in 1953 and remained in service until 2017. 502 was initially a weapons carrier for the Military that was converted to a “brush unit” by Maurice Long. This brush unit's transmission is geared extremely low, and therefore able to travel over rough terrain reaching the fire where other units would simply not reach. Chestnut Ridge plans to keep Brush 502 in our possession for as long as the fire company is in service.

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